Sunday 1 July 2012

Pura Vida

Quick update as I'm about to surf.. had a few days at a chilled and friendly place called Las Camas backpackers in Jaco, it's a pretty touristy town but had the best Restaurant called the Taco Bar..  Mahi Mahi fish tacos followed by quite possibly the world's best chocolate brownie with ice cream. F*#k yes.

Been chillin at a cool place called Tortilla Flats in Dominical for the past few days.. surfing every day, arms are a bit jelly like at the mo from all the paddling. Solid swell on the way - FINALLY!!! - we're off to Pavones tomorrow which has rides around 1km long on its day.. it'll be a full day on the road with three separate buses to get there which should be fun.

^View from my front door

^Ugly/angry inbred dogs with slow shutter speed

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