Tuesday 24 July 2012

Unleash the Animals..

I had a special request from my cousin Debbie to check out the Jaguar animal rescue centre in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.. since it was just down the road I thought I'd better do the decent thing and check it out ;-)

The centre is a non-profit organisation (entry is a $15 donation).. they take in animals that have been injured/abandoned and their primary goal is to release them back to the wild if possible (& if not to give them as natural a life as possible). They also run education classes for the local kids to hopefully give them a better understanding about conservation (i.e. not to throw rocks at wildlife!). 

The main thing I learnt is that most animals love boobs. Especially sloths.

A few pics below: 

^Yep, sloths are pretty slow

A few other pics from around Puerto Viejo:

^ This is what happens when a tree which is blocking the
 view of the surf meets an ex forestry worker from NZ haha

^ Village in the highlands

^ Finally managed to get a pic of one of these slippery bastards!

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